Changes in IPL 202 from previous seasons

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is close to having its 13th season within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and to be telecasted between 19th September and 10th November 2020.
This season is extremely different from the past seasons because the pandemic has made to vary some practices of the sport and everybody including players, coaches, and spectators will experience these changes during the IPL 2020. A few of those changes are:
1. Players need to use their own equipment.
2. Dressing rooms need to be cleaned regularly.
3. Nobody should enjoy handshakes during the toss or at any point in the match.
4. No use of saliva on a ball.
5. After the match, video conferencing must be considered for press conferences.
6. Any trophies must be cleaned and placed on stage after every match.
7. Dedicated vehicles to be employed by participants from hotels to grounds and the other way around.
8. Player's families must not travel with players.

Let’s have a better check out these

Lesser advertisement shoots:
During the IPL tournament, some top players get entangled within the advertisement shoots for his respective franchises. But this practice is perhaps to not be continued within the IPL 2020. On the opposite hand, many specialized people require advertisement shoots. But due to this pandemic, while there are very strict protocols, there are very lesser chances that the players are becoming to be involved in advertisement shoots.


No cheerleaders:
Since the inaugural edition of the IPL, the cheerleaders are an important part of each IPL match. While each franchise has its own cheerleader’s team, they entertain the spectators within the world during their respective team’s celebration moments.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, each franchise will get to make its own bio-secure bubble and every one of the members will need to follow all the principles very strictly. It'll be a tough atmosphere for the cheerleaders. So, there's a high chance to miss out on the cheerleaders within the entire IPL 2020.


Commentary from home:
The commentators are one of the crucial parts for the sports who help to present the matches in a better way to the audiences.
Recently, during the 3TC Solidarity Cup held at South Africa, the Star Sports commentators had handled that entire match from home. While the pandemic remains, commentary from home could be experienced within the IPL 2020.

No handshake after the toss:
Handshake provides a robust message of the friendlier atmosphere within the game but, during this COVID-19 pandemic, global sports is discouraging handshake because it spreads the virus. Previously, both the captains shook hands after completing the coin toss. But thanks to this pandemic moment, the captains are advised to not encourage during a handshake after the coin toss. Also, the celebration culture in cricket has been changed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the players aren't allowed to enjoys high-fives and hugs.


No saliva:
As saliva easily transmits the coronavirus, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has recently banned to use saliva to shine the ball for the interim period. If the players still use saliva on the ball, the on-field umpires not only pack up the ball, but they also provide a warning to the team. we'll see the similar rules within the IPL 2020. So, the bowlers must not apply saliva on the ball during the flow of the match.