E-learning during pandemic: strategy or scoff

Captured by: Jyotsna Dwivedi

Hey Folks! I hope you all are safe and not locked your creativity down.
The interference in education system due to outbreak and spreading of Covid-19 is a reminder that there’s a need for evolution. For ages we’ve been talking some digital transformation to take place but we’re currently in some undefined future. Well, the future is here!

The COVID took the lead to shift the digital learning, but ironically no one was ready. The current scenario has changed the way we access or deliver information, its impact has raised the need to adopt innovative ways of getting education services at all levels.

The system must lay stress on changing of the existing education content, and think more of aligning the online curriculum with the offline and how to make it accessible. But, are the measures taken up by the system in the current scenario of pandemic actually leading to a profitable scene for the students or just some other vague thoughts?
College campus is the place where students live and study close to each other. The foundations of this uniquely bonding system have significantly affected, creating uncertainty regarding implications for educational activities. Majority of colleges and universities have move to add online activities to their curriculum. Although it can be challenging for some universities as well as many students, but under the weight of demand the administration should be working closely with their IT departments to ensure their programs are able to work properly.

Now what about students? Belonging to areas with bad internet or deficient resources?

How the man who recently lost his job or has very low income will provide high speed internet facility to his child? For that system must make the resources accessible to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.
The posh society must come forward and convert this hazardous pandemic to a chance; as most of the educational sites are offering many free courses, scholarships, internships and support. Teachers must be trained about the most efficient ways of teaching online.


Students may Turn off their audios, not creativity
It’s not all doom and gloom. In these time of crisis, a well-rounded and an effective educational practice is something that is required for capacity-building of young minds. It will develop skills that will drive their employability, productivity, health and wellbeing in decades to come which ensures the overall progress of country.