The Most Sarcastic Product Reviews 

He’s definitely a student from the science background who always wonders about the use of the field in daily life. Such an ending wasn’t expected!

1. The real life application of t1/2:

2. The real daddy:

Just a perfect way to get rid from your offspring’s silliest questions and vague arguments. But who cares when they don’t know about this and you officially get to sleep. Sleep is better than anything!

3. A Technical Glitch? (Obviously not):

When you just can’t show your real status, so instead of SMS you ask them for a Whatsapp ping! Quite perfect.

4. What is NASA’s billion dollar project for?

He trolled the product which is indeed the best review, otherwise NASA be like, “AM I A JOKE TO YOU?”

5. A crap, only for him:

Who would even buy that for your mother-in-law? Instead, I’ll prefer to buy a packet of air with a few chips in it, The Lays.

6. Relationship advice:

For all those on the verge of breakup, try this product, maybe you breakup even faster xD. Jokes apart, this mouse saved his relationship, so it can definitely save you in Counter Strike!

7. That’s the wrong banana:

Definitely that was a big issue of slicing the bananas for the kids, but what about the wrong banana? Who peels that off now?

8. Organs worth a million:

So, these brands have successfully convinced its customers to sell their organs and help the needy. Hope this person looks at our sarcasm as well and comment!

9. Depression solved?

We all have been talking about curing depression and being happy, while this company took it to another level and instead of the treatment for millions, you get this cured in few bucks. Must Try! LOL!

10.Start your saving:

This person trolled the company while giving it full 5 stars. Quite ironic! But what does this actually consist of? Studded diamonds or some unexplored Martian rocks?